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49 Chenzhou Enterprises Listed as Hunan Industry-Finance Manufacturing Enterprises


Recently, the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of Industry-Finance manufacturing enterprises in Hunan Province in 2019, with 49 high-quality enterprises in Chenzhou on the list. What are the highlights of the new batch of selected enterprises and what support will they receive?

Chenzhou City was listed in the list of key Industry-Finance manufacturing enterprises in Hunan Province, including Jingui Silver Industry, Guiyang Yinxing Nonferrous Smelting, Yuteng Nonferrous and Jinwang Bismuth Industry. They cover key industries and emerging industrial superior industrial chains, showing characteristics of wide distribution, excellent structure, high economic efficiency and strong financing demand.

The listed enterprises can enjoy a number of high-gold financial support. Through the holding of bank-enterprise docking meeting and equity financing docking meeting, the financing needs of enterprises will be promoted to the financial institutions of the whole province, so as to realize the precise docking between banks and enterprises; relevant banking supervision departments and financial institutions will conduct joint visits and investigations to timely coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems encountered by enterprises in obtaining financial services; relying on the provincial industry-finance information docking service platform, relevant financial institutions will coordinate with enterprises, develop and promote financial products for enterprises, and provide precise services.