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Liu Zhiren Dispatches Disposal of Idle Land


Recently, Liu Zhiren, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor, led a team to Chenzhou High-tech Zone to conduct on-site dispatch of idle land disposal. Liu Zhiren stressed that we should speed up the disposal of idle land projects, effectively revitalize land resources, make scientific use of land and increase land transfer income to truly maximize the benefits of land.

Liu Zhiren and his delegation went to Banqiao Village, Xiangshanping and Jintianhu to inspect the idle land projects on the spot, and understand in detail the reasons, the construction plan and the existing difficulties and problems of the idle land.
Liu Zhiren pointed out that land resources are an important basis for economic and social development, and the development orientation should be found in the comprehensive utilization of land. We should earnestly implement the laws and regulations on land management and strictly implement the system of saving and intensive land use; make scientific use of land in strict accordance with the regulations so as to maximize the benefits of each inch of land; speed up the disposal of some idle land projects; earnestly study the active utilization of major idle land projects after disposal in place; strictly follow the regulations and procedures for bidding and hanging, removing stock and preventing increments; intensify the efforts to rectify the feedback problem of land supervision, clarify the main body of responsibility, formulate timetables and task maps, and resolutely rectify and implement them in place; increase the evaluation of the land use and planning of the proposed land supply projects in the near future, taking into account both social benefits and economic benefits; and speed up the supply of land reserved by the government, insist on saving and intensive use of land, increase the rate of land supply, increase the income of land transfer, and lay a more solid foundation for the sustainable development of High-tech Zone.

Subsequently, Liu Zhiren and his party also came to Suxian District to dispatch the disposal of idle land.

Municipal leaders Yuan Weixiang and Li Liming, and Huang Zesheng Secretary-General of the Municipal Government participated in the activities.