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60 New Assorting Dustbins Facilitated in High-Tech Zone

Recently, in order to promote the assorting of rubbishes, improve the integration construction of di ......2016-09-21

Chenzhou High-tech Industrial Zone Holds Safety Working Conference

It was reported that in order to implement the spirit of Hunan provincial safety production conferen ......2016-09-07

New Employees Start to Work in Guiyang Industrial Park

Currently, some new employees started to work in a company of Guiyang Industrial Park. From the begi ......2016-09-01

Donggu Ecommerce Commercial Industrial Park to be Finished in Next January

When reporters arrived at the construction site of the first phase of Donggu Ecommerce Industrial Pa ......2016-08-07

Trying Best to Cultivate New Economic Increasing Point and Help Tobacco Farmers to Increase Income

Qu Hai emphasized on his investigation trip to Guiyang It was learned that Qu Hai- Deputy Secretary ......2016-07-18

Total Out-put Value of Zixing City's High-tech Products Hits 10.9Billion Yuan

It was learned from Zixing city that the city kept focusing on the strategic target of "improving in ......2016-07-15

1.4Billion Yuan Investments Placed on Transportation Projects

When reporters arrived at the construction site of Longtan-Tangcun highway of Jiahe county, 8 excava ......2016-06-17

First National Enterprises' Technological Innovation Platform of Chenzhou City Established Successfully

It was learned that “National Enterprise Technology Center” which was established by Tec ......2016-05-29

Yi Pengfei Investigates Jinwang Bismuth

Improving chained development of non-ferrous industry It was reported that Yi Pengfei- Secretary of ......2016-05-10

100 Million Yuan Credit Issued to Enterprises

It was reported that a signing ceremony for the “aid-loan” between Management Commission ......2016-04-30

13.34 Million Yuan Taxes Reduced for Enterprises and Individuals

Liu Changsheng who is the accountant of Hunan Xinyuan Mining Co., Ltd. settled the procedures of hig ......2016-04-28

Total Output Value of 113 Scaled Industrial Enterprises Hits 3.789 Billion Yuan

It was learned from Jiahe Economy Technology & Commerce Bureau that the total output value of 113 sc ......2016-04-27

Chenzhou High-tech Zone Prepares to Build Gem Industrial Park with Planned Investment of 8 Billion Yuan

It was reported that 31 buildings with about 8051square meters areas were demolished together in the ......2016-04-23

Yi Pengfei: How to Improve Mineral Gem Industry to be a 30-Billion-Yuan Industrial Cluster

Tongtian jade, Huanglong jade, black jade, “national treasure”-hsianghualite…&he ......2016-04-13

Alibaba “Falls in Love” with Chenzhou City

Decoding the framework agreement signed between Chenzhou city and AlibabaGuiyang Rural Taobao Servic ......2016-04-10

1st Guiyang Merchants Conference Attracts 13.2 Billion Yuan Investments

It was reported that 1st Guiyang Merchants Conference was held in Guiyang county on March 29, 2016. ......2016-03-31

Chenzhou High-tech Zone Reaches Cooperation with Amer Group

It was learned from Chenzhou High-tech Industrial Zone that on March 14, 2016, a signing ceremony fo ......2016-03-16

Some Leaders Investigates Modern Tobacco Industry of Guiyang County

It was reported that Pu Xuelian- Member of Chenzhou Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee and ......2016-03-09

More than 20 Characteristic Agricultural Bases to be Developed in Zhuquan Town

As you can see from above image, some villagers of Shitian village, Zhuquan town, Jiahe county were ......2016-02-28

Four 100-Million Agreements Signed in Chenzhou High-Tech Industrial Zone

It was learned that a working conference was held in Chenzhou High-tech Industrial Zone, which was p ......2016-02-16

Second Phase of Dongjiang Diversion (Guiyang Section) Fully Launched

On January 22, 2016, Guiyang Government signed the contract concerned for the second phase of Dongji ......2016-01-24

Promoting Transformation and Upgrading of Chenzhou Non-ferrous Metals Industry together

An interview with Qu Hai and Wu Guanyi who is the Vice Chairman of Amer International Group It was r ......2016-01-10

Trying Best to Close “12th Five-year Plan” and Start “13th Five-year Plan” Well

It was reported that Qu Hai- Deputy Secretary of Chenzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Che ......2015-12-21

The State (Hunan) Quality Control Center of Non-ferrous and Precious Metals Passes Approval

It was learned that after 3-day strict checking of the experts group of General Administration of Qu ......2015-12-15

Good Harvest of Red Pomelo

As you can see from above image, some members of Yizhang Yanquan Lvsheng Citrus Professional Coopera ......2015-10-10

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