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Title Transfer

1. Forms of Title TransferThe state-owned title transfer may be conducted in such forms as bidding, ......2016-04-22

Procedures for Registration of Foreign-funded Enterprises

Procedures for Registration of Foreign-Funded Enterprises I) Business Registration 1. Registration o ......2016-04-22

Instructions for Applicants on Establishing Projects with Foreign Investments

I). Authority Power Limits in Examination and ApprovalIn accordance with the regulations concerning ......2016-04-22

Key Industrial Parks in Chenzhou

The construction of major industrial parks undertaking industrial transfer:1. One state-level export ......2016-04-20

Investment Services

Contact Information of organizations concerning foreign affairs in Chenzhou (Code: +86 735 +number) ......2016-04-20

Investment Environment

Featured with the humid subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons, Chenzhou abounds in ......2016-04-20