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Increase of Foreign Trade Hits 40% in this January and February in Chenzhou City



It was learned from Changsha Customs Chenzhou Office that in this January and February, the total foreign trade volume hit 2.21billion yuan, up 40.6%; if calculating by USD, the total volume was amounted to $360million, up 40.2%.


Following are four features for the increase of Chenzhou city’s foreign trade in these two months: first, the processing trade played a strong role on it that the total processing trade volume hit $230million yuan, up 62.3%; second, about 70% products covered with $140million yuan volume were exported to HK, up 81.5%, covering 69.7% of the total export value of Chenzhou city. The main export products were silver, golden products, integrated circuit, inductor and some other electronic parts and components; Third, Peru, Mexico and some other production areas of mineral resources were the key import areas for Chenzhou city. The main import products were silver concentrate and lead concentrate; and forth, the private enterprises also played a strong role on it that the total foreign trade volume hit $320million yuan with an increase of 49.1%, covering 88.2% of the total foreign volume of the total of Chenzhou city.