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Layered Calcite

Layered Calcite is a special type of calcite. It is a semi-transparent lamellar crystal. The aggrega ......2016-04-20

Mineral Crystal Druse

Mineral crystal druserefers to crystal aggregates made up of many mineral crystals growing in cracks ......2016-04-20

Crystal and Wolframite

Crystal is a large, colorless and transparent quartz crystal mineral. Its main chemical composition ......2016-04-20


Hsianghualite can be found in the contact zone between granite and limestone. To be more exact, asso ......2016-04-20


The chemical composition of magnesite is MgCO3; this kind of crystal is a carbonate mineral belongi ......2016-04-20


Bournonite (crystals, associated with jamesonite and quartz,tetragonal system) is made up of PbCuSbS ......2016-04-20

Swallow-tail Twin of Gypsum

Swallow-tail twin of gypsum is usually found in the oxidation zone and the low temperature hydrother ......2016-04-20

Transparent Fluorite Cube

Mineral fluorite is also called fluorspar, soft crystal, colorful gem, and rainbow gem. Its main che ......2016-04-20

Red Calcite

The main sources of Chenzhou calcite are from Leiping mine (Guiyang county, Chenzhou city), Dongbo m ......2016-04-20

Abundant Mineral Resources in Chenzhou

With an area of only 19,400 km2, accounting for about 1/500 of China's total area, Chenzhou - "South ......2016-04-20

Sell: Sodium Sulphide

We have large quantity of sodium sulphide for mineral separation. Available throughout the years.We ......2016-04-20

Buy: Mineral Crystals and Specimens

We are interested in purchasing mineral crystals and specimens on long-term basis.Price to be negot ......2016-04-20

Sell: Silver Ore and Oxidation Lead

We have large quantities of silver ore, oxidation lead, imported silver ore and lead (grinded). 1Pb2 ......2016-04-20

Sell: Manganese Ore

I have large stocks of manganese ore (Mn, 18%~~25%) and crude ore (Fe, 20%).Phone: (86) 13430294977 ......2016-04-20

Buy: Scrap Non-ferrous Metals and Used Mining Equipment

We are offering high prices for scrap non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminum, and stainless steel, ......2016-04-20

Announcement of the Transfer List of Mining Right of Land and Resources Exchange Center in Chenzhou

According to the “Mineral Resources Law of The People’s Republic of China” and the relevant regul ......2016-04-20

Yaogangxian Tungsten Deposit Co. Ltd.

Yaogangxian Tungsten Deposit, the birthplace of China’s tungsten industry, is the largest mine prod ......2015-04-20

Xianghualing Tin Industry Co., Ltd.

Xianghualing Tin Industry Co., Ltd was established in August 2002, originally State-Owned Xianghual ......2015-04-20

Xintai Silver Industry Co., Ltd.

Located in Yongxing Huangni Industrial Park, Xintai Silver Industry Co., Ltd. of Yongxing County was ......2015-04-20

Huangshanping Mining Industry

Hunan Nonferrous Metals Huangshanping Mining Branch Office is located in Guiyang County, Chenzhou Ci ......2015-04-20

Hunan Shizhuyuan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.

As a supervised enterprise of Hunan SASAC, Hunan Shizhuyuan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. is a subsidi ......2015-04-20