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Yaogangxian Tungsten Deposit Co. Ltd.



Yaogangxian Tungsten Deposit, the birthplace of China’s tungsten industry, is the largest mine producing black tungsten concentrate in the country. It is located at the juncture of Yizhang County, Zixing City and Rucheng County of Chenzhou Region. Administratively, it is under the governance of Yizhang County. Now its stake is controlled by Hunan Nonferrous Metals Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

Its main business is mining and processing, producing tungsten concentrate, tin concentrate, copper concentrate and a small amount of associated silver.

Key projects: 1. Polymetallic mining and processing project of 3500 tons per day; 2. Polymetal exploration environmental construction project; 3. Tailings pond construction project; 4. Resources replacement prospecting project in black tungsten district; 5. Mining and processing technology transformation project in black tungsten district; 6. Deep exploration and extending project.