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Huangshanping Mining Industry



Hunan Nonferrous Metals Huangshanping Mining Branch Office is located in Guiyang County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province. 9 km away from the county town, 45 km away from Chenzhou station of the Beijing-Guangzhou railway line, and 50 km away from the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, it boasts convenient traffic.
In order to be listed, the superior assets of Hunan Huangshanping Lead-Zinc Mine was wholly restructured into Hunan Nonferrous Metals Huangshanping Mining Branch Office in 2005 but the original Hunan Huangshanping Lead-Zinc Mine still exists. The enterprise mainly produces lead, zinc, iron and sulphur concentrate, and also comprehensively recycles silver, tungsten, molybdenum, bismuth, tin and so on. Besides, it is engaged in mining and processing technology development, engineering prospecting, designing and constructing. The enterprise runs non-ferrous metals, minerals, building materials and machinery business as well as the third industry project.
The enterprise (mining) has long committed to mine construction. All underground productions are mechanized; moreover, production scheduling, elevation, mineral processing procedure and measure detection are all automatized and informationalized; each producing technology and economic benefit index stand in the front rank among enterprises of the same kind. Facilities for daily life, culture, entertainment, sports, education and health care in the mine area are fully-equipped. With pleasant and beautiful surroundings, it is the first tourist mine open to the outside in Hunan Province.
The quality of lead concentrate has remained stable over a decade. The product is well-known both at home and abroad and greatly favored by customers.