Citizens Rushing to Buy Dongjiang Fish in the Expo
Dongjiang fish was very popular in the expo A large number of citizens rushed to the expo to buy Dongjiang fish “10 bags”, “20 bags”&he ..

Zixing “Dongjiangmingzhai” Becomes Popular in the Expo
Tea arts performance Dongjiangmingzhai- a kind of black tea of Dongjiang from Tukou town attracted a large number of citizens who visited 2015 Hunan (Chenzhou) ..

50 Enterprises Reach Agreement on Hunan (Chenzhou) Agricultural Products Expo
It was learned from the signing ceremony of 2015 Hunan (Chenzhou) Agricultural Products Expo Marketing & Docking Conference that 50 enterprises signed the agre ..

Signing Ceremony for 2015 Hunan (Chenzhou) Agricultural Products Expo
Signing ceremony for projects of 2015 Hunan (Chenzhou) Agricultural Products was held in Chenzhou city on December 4, 2015 15 projects covered with tot ..

Leisure Farm Helps Farmers to Increase Income
In recent years, Chenzhou city paid more attention on the layout, construction and upgrading of the suburbs ecological leisure farms along Chenzhou Avenue, Che ..

Good Harvest of Yizhang Navel Orange
As you can see from above image, some fruit farmers were busy in picking up the navel oranges. It was introduced that 200,000mu navel oranges which were cultiva ..

Picking up Strawberry in Furong Farm
As you can see from above image, some visitors were picking up strawberries in "Furong Farm" of Quanxi village, Datang town, Guidong county. In recent years, Gu ..

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