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Hunan (Chenzhou) Agricultural Products Expo Closes


200,000 people visited the expo and the direct sales hit 400million yuan



In the last day of the expo, a large number of visitors were attracted there by some promotions handled out by the exhibitors


It was reported that 2015 Hunan (Chenzhou) Agricultural Products Expo was closed on December 8, 2015. According to the incomplete statistics, more than 200,000 people visited the expo, the direct sales was amounted to 400milliony yuan, and large-scale purchasing agents signed 450-million-yuan purchasing contracts with the agricultural enterprises while the total signed investment amounts were about 5.809billion yuan.


Some high level exhibitors from Malaysia, India, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing, and etc. showed their excellent agricultural products on the expo. At the meantime, characteristic agricultural products from some other cities of Hunan province and all counties and districts of Chenzhou city were gathered in the expo. It well met the purpose of “displaying vertical agriculture industry of Chenzhou city and marketing the characteristic products of China”.


Chenzhou city’s famous, excellent, and characteristic agricultural products together with the agricultural technological achievements and irrigation culture were comprehensively shown on the expo which was with prominent theme, rich connotation, and distinct features. Meanwhile, the subordinate departments, counties and districts of Chenzhou city and all the exhibitors showed their images and brands well there, which helped to popularize their fames. It was significant to improve the opening of Chenzhou city’s agricultural industry and promote its industrialization and modernization by handling the expo successfully.


In the closing ceremony, the voting results for the exhibits of the expo were released. According to the evaluation of Exhibits Evaluation Commission of Organization Commission of the Expo, 3 theme halls as Chenzhou Grain Bureau were honored as the most innovative theme halls, 2 theme halls as Chenzhou Animal husbandry, Veterinary & Aquatic Products Bureau were honored as the most popular theme halls, 14 theme halls as Chenzhou Water Conservancy Bureau were honored as excellent theme halls, and 50 agricultural products as “Xianghuang” rice produced by Anren Shengping Rice Co., Ltd. were honored as golden products.


Lei Xiaoda, Deputy Mayor of Chenzhou City, was present at the closing ceremony.

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