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Can I Use My Own Country's Driver's License in Chenzhou?

According to the Road Traffic Safety Law, foreigners must hold a PRC vehicle drivers license if the ......2015-04-20

Do I Need Immunizations to Enter China?

Travelers are advised to check with their doctors before visiting China. A Health Declaration form ......2015-04-20

How Can I Get an Internet Connection in Chenzhou?

Internet services are available at hotels, business centers and internet bars. You can apply for va ......2015-04-20

How Can I Use the Mobile Phone that I Have Brought from Home in Chenzhou?

There are two ways to use your mobile in China:(1) Visitors who wish to directly use phone numbers a ......2015-04-20

How Does Foreign-Invested Construction Enterprise Obtain Relevant Qualification?

In accordance with Regulations on Administration of Foreign–Invested Construction Enterprises ......2015-04-20

How to Apply for Permanent Residence in Hunan?

The following materials are required when applying for permanent residence in Hunan:
1. The correctl ......2015-04-20

How to Apply Self-financed Study in China?

CSC takes charge of the applications for and management of the Chinese government scholarships for ......2015-04-20

Is There Requirement of the Lowest Registered Capital in Setting up Foreign-invested Enterprise?

As to the lowest investment of setting up foreign-invested enterprise, it shall be implemented in ac ......2015-04-20

Top 4 Major Steps for Applying Foreign Expert Certificate in China

Want to teach in China? Getting a "Foreign Expert Card” will help you a lot. But how to obtai ......2015-04-20

What Are the Regulations Regarding Foreign Marriage or Divorce with Chinese Nationals?

1. Marriage registration is a necessary procedure for a legal marriage.
If a foreigner marries a Chi ......2015-04-20

What Main Protective Measures Will Be Applied to Creditor in Merge and Acquisition?

Legal obligation inheriting of rights and obligor are different according to merge and acquisition m ......2015-04-20

What Should I Know about Restrooms, and Where Can I Find Them?

Travellers can easily find free public toilets on the street, in office buildings, shopping centres, ......2015-04-20

What Should I Not Bring to China?

Prohibited and Restricted Imports
--The following items cannot be brought into the PRC:
(1) Weapons ......2015-04-20

Which Etiquette Should Be Taken Care of while Meeting Each Other?

Generally, one may be introduced by others or make self-introduction at the first meet. No matter b ......2015-04-20

Which Sectors of Foreign Investment are encouraged in China?

Infrastructures such as expressway, high-class highway, port, water works, waste water treatment pla ......2015-04-20

What Should We Pay Attention to in China?

Foreigners in China shall abide by laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.
1. ......2015-04-20

What Should I Know about Tap Water and What Kind of Water Should I Drink in Chenzhou?

Visitors should drink bottled water which is available at most stores and restaurants and hotels thr ......2015-04-20

What Is the Procedure for Entering Employment in Chenzhou?

Before entering China for employment with a Chinese organization, a foreigner should apply for a vis ......2015-04-20

Top 6 Qualifications You Should Bear to Teach in China

If you want to teach in China, you may have such question as “What qualifications should I ha ......2015-04-20

Regular Questions about Foreign Employment in China

As China has joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, more and more foreigners are workin ......2015-04-20

How to Obtain Import and Export Operation Right for a Foreign-Invested Enterprise?

If the foreign-invested enterprise shall increase only import operation right but not engage in dome ......2015-04-20

How to Apply for Work Permit?

1. Application documents to be provided
(1) The Approval for the Establishment of Foreign Invested ......2015-04-20

How to Apply for a Green Card in China?

The applicants should fill the Chart of permanent resident permit in China for foreigners' honestly ......2015-04-20

How Do I Get a Visa?

Any foreigner entering China is required to hold a valid Chinese visa. Chinese visas are almost neve ......2015-04-20

How Can I Rent a House or Apartment?

A foreigner may find a house in Chenzhou through a real estate intermediary.
You should avoid renti ......2015-04-20

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