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Travel in Chenzhou





Chenzhou runs a long history. Since the Qin dynasty (221 B.C.—206 B.C.), Chenzhou had been the political, economic and cultural center of the county, shire, prefecture and state of all previous dynasties. With more than 2,000 years’ history, Chenzhou is a famous historical and cultural city of Hunan Province. Chenzhou posed as the land of unneglectable military importance in ancient times and of many men of letters. Scholars such as Wang Changling, Du Fu, Han Yu, Liu Yuxi, Qin Shaoyou of Tang and Song dynasties all wrote famous poems and essays here. The renowned local scenic spot Suxian Mountain Ridge in the city was honored as the 18th blessed land under heaven for its beautiful legend. "Three Forever Tablets" of Song Dynasty on the ridge, "Emperor Yi’s Mausoleum "in the city, Han Yu's "Pavilion for Fishing "in Beihu all recorded the long history of Chenzhou. During the Democratic Revolution period, Chenzhou was the cradle for Southern Hunan Uprising. Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Chen Yi and other old generation proletariat revolutionaries all had their glorious footprints left here.




The long history of Chenzhou leaves behind it innumerable historical relics, historical sites and revolutionary commemoration places which endow people with the exquisite feelings to recall the ancient times. The beautiful mountains and rivers enjoy a fine reputation of "the most beautiful mountains and rivers in Hunan". Wugai mountain, with old trees and wild animals living among it, has already been recognized as the only international hunting ground in south China; Dongjiang Lake, with green mountains and clean water, got the laudatory name "Eastern Switzerland", and the newly opened amusement project such as the over water bailout, seaplane are so thrilling and stimulating that they make tourists forget their way back; Zheshui River featured by green forests,  primitive ecology, innumerable beaches and vast waves is a drifting paradise integrating experience, search, and novelty, known as "First Drift of China's Eco-tourism"; the limestone cavern underground river Wanhua Cave in suburb enjoys the reputation "the Marvelous Sight of World Cavern "; The FeiTian Mountain with Danxia land feature and boundless bamboos demonstrates the mystery of nature; the Bianjiang River's marvelous sight intergrates the 5000-year glorious history and culture with a hundred miles of spectacular natural scenery of Bianjiang River together; Yangtianyuan Mountain plain is always mistaken as the vast Inner Mongolian prairie; The Yizhang primitive sub-forest in Mang Mountain, named the "Second Xishuangbanna", has the enchanting scenery of plant kingdom; the heat and volume of Rucheng County's hot spring ranks No.1 in the province and it contains more than 30 wholesome elements such as silicon, sodium, calcium, which ranks it one of the rare health resorts in south; the recently discovered Chenzhou stone forest surpasses Lu’nan stone forest in Yunnan in scale. The newly discovered natural Great Face-up Buddha with its head more than 300 meters high is actually rare in the world; the Chenzhou training base of women volleyball team reminds viewers of the former glory of Chinese women volleyball teams...




 The national-level and provincial-level tourist resources in Chenzhou are as follows:

*Home of hot spring in China: Chenzhou City

*Provincial-level historical and cultural city: Chenzhou City

* Provincial-level scenic spot: Suxian Mountain Ridge, Dongjiang River

* National-level forest park: Wugai Mountain hunting ground, Mang Mountain in Yizhang County, Swan Mountain in Zixing City

* National-level geological park: Feitian Mountain

* National-level nature reserve: Mang Mountain in Yizhang County

* Provincial-level nature reserve: Bamian Mountain in Guidong County

*National-level protected historical and cultural site: The former site of Hunan Year-End Rebellion Headquarters in Yizhang County

* Provincial-level protected historical and cultural site: 7 in number