Travel in Chenzhou
Chenzhou City is an ancient city covered with dense forest. Since Qin Dynasty, Chen(Chinese character "郴") in the Chinese dictionary had been created for the city, meaning "a city in the forest". Being green throughout the year, it is an excellent tourism city of China and one of the best ecological cites of the south. Chenzhou is rich in tourism resources, including the national 5A class tourist attractions, Dongjiang Lake Wetland Park, Mangshan National Forest Park, Mangshan Hot Springs, Longnv Hot Springs, Mount Su Xian Scenic Area, Rucheng Reshui Hot Springs, Danxia Feitian Mountain National Geopark, Yangtian Lake, Banliang Ancient Village and other famous excellent tourist attractions with Chinese history and culture.
Dongjiang Lake & Mount Mang
Dongjiang Lake
Located at the upriver of Dongjiang River, Dongjiang Lake is close to Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and 107 National Highway, 38 kilometers from the downtown of Zixing City. It is a man-made lake covering about 160 square kilometers and is called "Dongting Lake of Southern Hunan". There are spots like Dongjiang Lake, Doushuai Spirit Caves, Dragon Scenery Park, Hougushan Waterfall, Dongjiang Dam, etc. In addition, the First Drift of China's Eco-tourism Drift, bailout above water, seaplane, aquatic slide way, the hot spring bathes and so on ..
Mount Mang
Located at Yizhang County, Chenzhou, Mangshan National Forest Park has the most intact subtropical primeval secondary forest and evergreen broad-leave forest in the world. It covers 6,000 hectares, housing both the north and the south plants. Here grow more than 1700 kinds of plants, of which 5 kinds are the national first-class protective rare ones. Also it is home to some 300 varieties of animals, of which snow leopard, Yellow-bellied tragopan, spotted deer, golden cat and python are under the first-class state protection ..

Guiyang Ancient County Opens

Love butterfly valley comprehensive park

Mount Wugai Ski Resort

Hunan Baoshan National Mining Park

Linwu Dragon Culture Microfilm Town

Rucheng Jiulong River Glass Landscape Walkway

Guiyang Cherry Garden

Wangxianling International RV Camp

Period is expected in October 2018, completed and open to visitors

Anren Cole Flowers

Guiyang Maple Leaf Forest

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